Festival Administration and Production Team: Samantha Joyce, Orla Tubridy, Amanda Kiernan, LuaraFavaro, Keely Daigle, Madison Kennedy, Renee Lafortune, Sharon Walsh
Production Manager:
Stage Managers: Muireann McMahon, JP Collins
Stage Manager Assistants: Krista Bridges, David Meighan, Isabel Chaves
Marketing Managers: Cindy Davesne, Gauthier Dupin, Sinead Reilly
Social Media Team: Alan Michael Fahy, Eimear Birch, Jim Ward
Box Office Managers: Michelle AlmEngvall, Sinead Reilly, Alan Costello
Front Of House Team: Michelle AlmEngvall, Muireann McMahon, AlexsandraCucco, Isabel Chaves, Krista Bridges
Fundraising Manager: Eoin McLynn
Volunteers Coordinator: Jessica Pape
Volunteers Coordinator Assistants: Jessica Daly, Alan Costello, Muireann McMahon
Programme Editor: Andy Lee Fry
Theatre Coordinator: Claire Keegan
Music Coordinator: Claire Keegan
Comedy Coordinator:
Visual Art Coordinators: Simon Daly, Lewis Goodman
Visual Art technician: Kevin Loftus
Artist Liason: Kathryn  O’Haraar
Sound Engineer: Hob Junker
Programme Design: Mary Lillis, Brendan Carton
Website designer: Brendan Carton
Galway Fringe TV: Galway TV
Festival Photographers: Stephen Maye, Romana Lozano, Jason Delaney, Darius Ivan
Fringe Poster: Stephen Maye

Thank you to all of Galway Fringe Festival’s
hardworking team and wonderful volunteers

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